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By 7016443570 02 Aug, 2017
Do you often wish you had an extra set of eyes and ears in your commercial food facility?

Presently, do you call a plumber for drain line situations? Sometimes over and over again??

Would someone who notices a slow drain and clears it for you before it becomes your problem, interest you?

Would you relish having a vendor who can educate your staff and keep them motivated on kitchen operations?

Our clients are serviced every two weeks. Drain line snaked free of charge on day of service. Grease traps checked monthly with a core sampler to determine time to pump. Emergency service available. Bacteria treatment eradicates organic waste. Odors and fruit fly eliminated. 

Bruce and I are proud to offer you the services of Bio Drain of Florida, Southwest Florida's leading experts in drain line and grease trap management. 
Call us today and schedule an appointment to learn more about our variety of high value services. Your valuable resources can be focused on the activities that bring profit to your bottom line rather than crisis managing your drain lines, grease traps, foul odors and fruit flies.

Relax...we are your drain line and grease trap Solutions Company.
239 278-3996

By 7016443570 13 Jul, 2017

Do you know, right now, if your grease trap is in compliance with city or county ordinances/regulations?

Do you have one company, one phone number and master billing for your drain line and grease trap management?

Call today, 239 278-3996

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